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Joi is an award winning creative director/designer that looks for the essence of the assignment, and brings that to life with concepts and imagery that go beyond fads and borders. She applies a sense of grace in style and dynamic visuals to all projects, from large-scale network brand systems to spots, main titles, cross-platform communication, creative marketing and brand arts.

Born in South America, educated in Europe and Canada and with a professional career and projects spanning around the world, Joi brings a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and global perspective to each design challenge.

Joi treasures projects where collaboration results in design that has both style and substance. She believes good design begins with research into audiovisual iconography that will resonate with the brand’s core, the heart of the story and resolve in an engaging experience with the audience.

A fresh sense of discovery and a beginner’s mind is what permeates every step of the process. That combined with Joi’s years of experience is what ultimately allows a unique creative result.


Creative Marketing, Branding and Visual Identity; Brand Building+Sustainability for the Entertainment Media, Corporate Identity, International Broadcast Experience, Creative Consulting, Conceptual Brand Design / Digital Arts; Graphic Design; Visual Arts, Fully Bilingual (English-Spanish)

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